We’re always looking for volunteers to help plan, organize and execute community events.  If you’d like to help, please contact Marian Templeton by email at or call (204)-837-8010

Chase The Ace Comes to Headingley!

The Headingley Community Foundation and the Phoenix Recreation Association are pleased to announce the start of their CHASE THE ACE game.

Join us every Thursday, with the draw taking place at 7:30pm.  Ticket sales start at 5 pm, every Thursday, and end, just before draw time, at 7:15 pm.

Currently, the draw will take place at the Headingley Motor Inn, 146 Bridge Road.  If crowds prove too large for this venue, the game will be moved to the Headingley Community Centre, at 5353 Portage Avenue.

There will be a guaranteed win of $500 if the Ace of Spades is drawn at the start of the game.  10% of the days ticket sales will be awarded to the winning ticket, if the Ace of Spades is NOT drawn.

40% of all ticket sales will be accumulated into the Grand Prize Jackpot, which will be awarded to the individual who selects the Ace of Spades.

50% of ticket sales will be retained by the Headingley Community Foundation, and the Phoenix Recreation Association, to be divided equally.

Tickets are $2 each, with a maximum purchase of $200, at which time the purchaser may go to the back of the sales line, to re-enter, if desired.

We are very excited to start this new initiative for our community.  This will see many new participants getting involved in a fun event, and in a way that will help raise money for our two very worthwhile groups.

So, come out and join the fun on September 5.  Have a chat with your neighbours and friends while awaiting the prospect of having the winning ticket and being guaranteed 10% of ticket sales, and then getting a chance to win for picking the Ace of Spades, and receiving 40% of all ticket sales ($500 guaranteed).

Whether you win or not, the money raised will stay in our community and be split between Phoenix Recreation Association, and the Headingley Community Foundation.  All monies raised from this event  will stay in our Headingley Community.

Winning will be on all fronts, no matter who wins, we all win, with this game.

 Lic#7761-RF-31751 – Approved Rules

FREE Family Movie Night

Everyone Welcome!

Come early, we usually have a full house and there tends to be a line up at the canteen right before the movie starts.

We often have toddlers taking in their first movie experience, the school aged kids love coming with their friends and cousins, grandparents bring their grandkids, it’s fun for all!

Kids: bring a closed bottle to avoid spilled drinks, wear your PJ’s, bring your favorite teddy bear, blanket, pillow, floor mat, etc to settle in on the floor in front of the Big Screen.

Adults: There is plenty of seating available, bring indoor shoes or slippers if you like, outdoor footwear must be left at coat racks.

Canteen is open and offers Candy, Chips, Popcorn, Juice, Pop, etc for a very reasonable price.


Did you know that Headingley was crowned Central Canada’s Most Active Community and awarded a $20,000 Prize??!!

How exciting!

The ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge is a brand-new annual physical activity challenge that is bringing communities together with physical activity and sport participation. The challenge started May 31 and ran through June 16th, 2019.

Every minute of physical activity tracked by every user in our community went  towards Headingley’s total score. We finished with just under 1.25 MILLION active minutes tracked!  How amazing!

Residents of all ages participated and we did it with heart!  The Challenge united groups from every demographic and encouraged everyone to exercise together, particularly community groups which might not otherwise interact.  Children at both the daycare and Phoenix school were thrilled and so proud to receive daily updates on Headingley’s standings and the senior community was equally anxious to log its active minutes each day. The Grade 5 students even asked if they could do a project relating to the challenge!

It was remarkable to see everyone get so excited about attaining a common goal. This is definitely a first step towards many more future partnerships within these groups and their enthusiasm was truly special and inspiring.   Special thanks to Phoenix School, Phoenix Nursery School, Bright Beginnings Educare, local Sports Teams, Headingley Senior Services, the RM of HeadingleyMacdonald Headingley Recreation Discrict, the Headingley Chamber of Commerce, the Headingley Times and the volunteers who helped coordinate our resources and get the message out.