APHA 2019 / 2020 Hockey Registration


Respect in Sport Program for Parents: The parent that is registering their player, if they have never done so in previous seasons, MUST register and complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program.  Please Note: This is a different program than the coach/roster Respect in Sport program and must be completed by any parent registering their child for hockey.  Anyone that has completed the coach/roster RIS program, MUST now complete the Parent RIS program, before you will be able to register a child for hockey in the upcoming 2019-20 season

1.  How will the family accounts of the Respect in Sport Parent Program link to the HCR? When registering for the Respect in Sport Parent Program, the parent must associate a child or children to their profile (Child Management) where an association must be selected.  After a parent is certified, and assuming he/she has associated a child(ren) to their profile, the HCR record of the child is updated under Clinics and Qualifications, including the Respect in Sport certificate number.  Please make sure ALL your children are linked!  Then click on No Further Children to Add when done.
2.  What are the payment options for the RIS for Parents online course? The payment is done through PayPal, by credit or debit card.

STEP  2 >

Register your child through the APHA  website hosted by Sports Engine .

We have created a brand new website to allow us to better manage our player’s information, tryouts schedules, email lists, team lists, house league, etc.

Please register with our Sports Engine website link below to create your profile with the APHA, this is separate from the Hockey Canada online registration above.

STEP  3 >

Registering & Online Payment: Once you have registered through the APHA Sports Engine Site you will be redirected to Hockey Canada’s Registration system.  Registration for the 2019-20 hockey season is not complete until you have paid through Hockey Canada’s Registration system.     

Please follow the instructions below to complete your registration:

1.  Login or create a new account.  If you have used Hockey Canada’s online registration system in the past you can use the same email address to login again. Otherwise you will need to create an account.

2.  Following the instructions on the Hockey Canada web site to complete the registration for each child.

3.  Once you have completed your registration & community club fee and paid online with Visa or MasterCard using the “Checkout” you can print your receipt and bring a copy to your club during their registration dates to complete your registration.

Step 4 >

Phoenix Recreation Association has a $100 per child volunteer bond and a mandatory 3 hour Hockey Hutch Canteen volunteer shift per child.   Cheque must be paid and volunteer shift(s) signed up for BEFORE any player can go on the ice for tryouts.

Come by the Hockey Hutch (153 Seekings St) Wednesday Sept 4th, 5:30-8pm to drop off your cheque and sign up for your canteen shift.

5/6 and 7/8 parents are also expected to sign up for a volunteer shift at our annual Winter Carnival.  More details will follow from your team coach/manager once Carnival planning is underway.

We thank you all for your support of the Hockey hutch Canteen & Winter Carnival


* If you are trying out for AA Rangers (ages 11+) you register online on their website.

* If you are trying out for AAA Monarchs (Ages 13+) you register on the Hockey Winnipeg website.

* If you have any questions regarding registration please contact one of your community club hockey directors:  Rob Bell or Gerry Munday 

2019-20 APHA Fees

FEMALE MIDGET A, MIDGET A          $625.00



HOUSE LEAGUE 7/8            $430.00

HOUSE LEAGUE 5/6            $330.00


*Note :  This does NOT include the volunteer bond


HOCKEY WINNIPEG NOTES  for the 2019-20 season
• The A3 & A2 category for all Bantam – Midget divisions will be Non Body Checking.

• Novice A1 is now a combined age category (age 7-8)

• Peewee A1-A3 is now a combined age category (age 11-12)

• Bantam A1-A3 is now a combined age category (age 13-14)

• Midget A1-A3 is now a combined age category (ages 15-17)
APHA NOTES for the 2019/20 hockey season (age 8 and up)
• All male teams are the Winter Hawks and our female teams are the Polar Bears!

• As an ongoing process, there will be a greater emphasis on coaching and player development that will follow Hockey Canada’s guidelines for hockey players that register to play hockey within the APHA.   A coach mentor will be assigned to the program to support and ensure that coaches are following these guidelines.  Coaching applications will be available online for the male program similar to the female program.

• In the future, we will be working on having more development camps throughout the year to be offered to APHA boys & girls looking to improve their hockey skills.

APHA Tryouts 

Welcome back to another year of hockey and great fun!  As each season starts with registration it quickly follows with tryouts. The hockey directors from the six Assiniboine Park Hockey Association (APHA) community clubs have reviewed the tryouts from last year and are looking to make improvements again this year.  Most of the logistics of the tryouts will be the same as last year, including how the evaluations will be conducted.  The APHA has again hired a group to perform the evaluations instead of volunteers. By hiring a group of dedicated and knowledgeable hockey staff the APHA is hoping to provide consistent and fair player evaluations.

Team Formation and Amalgamation

When you register your son or daughter for hockey you do so as part of the APHA. While you may register at your home community centre, your player could end up playing on a team hosted by another community centre.  After registration, but prior to tryouts, the member community centres of the APHA meet to determine how many teams there will be at each age group. This decision is based on rules set by Hockey Winnipeg and by the number of children registered at each age group across the entire APHA.  Hockey Winnipeg rules require all players to compete in an association-wide tryout process at each age group. This means that all players will be pooled together from all community centres to create teams.  During this process it is also decided which community centre will host each team. All community centres want to host teams. The hosting community centre does not have to have the majority of the players on the team.

As you prepare your hockey players for another season, we wish everyone the best and hope you have a positive experience during tryouts.