Hockey Hutch / Outdoor Rinks & Canteen Hours


We want to take this opportunity to provide you with some information about the Hockey Hutch, our outdoor rinks, and our canteen.   If you are new to Headingley, we welcome you and we hope this will help to inform you about what’s available to you in our community.

The Phoenix Community Centre is located at 153 Seekings Street.  Behind the Community Centre building is a second building: our Hockey Hutch with 2 outdoor rinks.  We also have an amazing toboggan tower and skating trails behind the Rinks / Hutch.  We invite all families to take advantage of this amazing facility located in the heart of our community.

The Hockey Hutch & both outdoor rinks are open to the public.  Inside the Hutch we have 4 change rooms, washrooms, and an indoor canteen.  As soon as winter weather allows, we have an iceman that will work full time for the season. In past seasons, our rinks have been up and running by mid-December.


Weather permitting; the Hockey Hutch and rinks are open Mon – Fri, 3pm-10pm and Sat/Sun, 10am – 10pm.

We encourage Rink #1 (South Side) to be used for family skating and Rink #2 (North Side) to be used for hockey, sticks and pucks. We recommend helmets and adult supervision.


Weather permitting; Canteen Hours are Mon- Fri 6-9pm and Saturday and Sunday 1-7pm. The canteen is volunteer operated and has a great supply of hot chocolate, and snacks.

  • Skating Aides are available for public use.  They can be found in the Hockey Hutch
  • Bring your own toboggans or sleds for the Toboggan tower