If you have any questions regarding registration, please email

The purpose of this document is to support members with the basics of the registration process.

STEP 1- Respect in Sport Program for Parents:

The parent that is registering their player (if they have never done so in previous seasons) MUST register and complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program.  Please Note: This is a different program than the coach/roster Respect in Sport program and must be completed by any parent registering their child for hockey.  Anyone that has completed the coach/roster RIS program, MUST complete the Parent RIS program, before you will be able to register a child for hockey in the upcoming 2023-24 season.

  1. How will the family accounts of the Respect in Sport Parent Program link to the HCR?
    When registering for the Respect in Sport Parent Program, the parent must associate a child or children to their profile (Child Management) where an association must be selected.  After a parent is certified, and assuming he/she has associated a child(ren) to their profile, the HCR record of the child is updated under Clinics and Qualifications, including the Respect in Sport certificate number.  Please make sure ALL your children are linked to Hockey and Assiniboine Park Hockey!  Then click on No Further Children to Add when done.
  2. What are the payment options for the RIS for Parents online course?
    The payment is done through PayPal, by credit or debit

STEP  2  –  Registering & Online Payment: 

Registration for the 2023-24 season is through the Hockey Canada Registration System (HCR). Please update your contact emails as this is how we will be contacting you with all hockey information.

  1. The instructions for the new Hockey Canada Registry (HCR 3.0) are attached.
  • Some of our community clubs have volunteer bonds which must be paid before any player can go on the ice for tryouts, please check with your club. 
  • If you are applying for subsidy, please contact Kathy –  All subsidy applications must be paid, filled out and completed (with the necessary documentation) or your child will not be allowed on the ice for tryouts!
  • If you are trying out for AA (U13+) or AAA (U15+) you FIRST need to register with APHA

After you have registered with APHA, you also need to register for tryouts as follows:

AA Ranger tryouts online at                  

AAA Wild tryouts online at                  

  • The HCR system will record Players’ position (U11 A and up) as either ‘skater’ or ‘goalie’.  Players must choose one and will go through the evaluation process on the basis of that selection.

For those wanting to be evaluated at the U9A level, please indicate position on the questionnaire.

  • The HCR system will ask if your player is ‘Registering for AAA/AA’ or ‘A1, A2, A3 with Evaluation’ or ‘Declaring A2 or A3 (whichever is the lowest level) or ‘House League’

Please choose ONE option only.  If your child is not able to play at the level selected, they will automatically move down to the next option (for example, if you choose ‘Registering for AAA/AA’ and the player is not selected, they will automatically move to the ‘A1, A2, A3 with Evaluations.  You do not need to choose both. 

ALSO NOTE:  AAA and AA is only available for U15 (AAA) or U13 (AA) and up.

  • The HCR system will be used for Bench Staff Applications.  Three options will be available – Coach, Manager, Safety.

Under the Coach option you will find Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Goalie Coach and Apprentice Coach (needs

approval from Hockey Manitoba through the APHA Registrar).  Manager and Safety are single options.  Applicants will

register by finding/creating a Hockey Canada ID number and then selection the option they prefer.  Anyone wanting to be part of the Bench staff must complete or will not be considered. Please note, this is an application only and no guarantee of placement.

Age Group2023-2024 Early Bird Fee2023-2024 Regular Fee
HL U7$525$525
HL U9$565$565
U9 A$815$865
F U9 A1-A3$745$795
U11 A1-A3$905$955
F U11 A1-A3$905$955
U13 A1-A3$835$885
F U13 A1-A2$795$845
U15 A1-A3$805$855
F U15 A1-A2$805$855
U18 A1-A3$855$905
F U18 A$785$835

*NEW THIS YEAR:  Register before August 31st and receive $50.00 off your registration (U9A and up)

– Players interested in being evaluated for the Winter Hawks U9A team must register for evaluations ($100.00 cost payable in the HCR Registration)

For those who successfully make this U9A team an additional fee of $150.00 will be assessed. This will be collected by the respective teams. Failure to pay will result in the player not being fully registered and unable to play until payment is made.

-The cost for socks, namebars and decals is included in the registration fees for U9A and up.

-The cost for U11 Development is included in the U11 registration fees

-The cost for Rob West Tournament fees is included for those age categories that participate in the tournament

-The cost for a U15A Hitting Clinic is included in the U15 fees.

-The mandatory community centre participation fee is included (fee goes to your home club)

-If your child makes AAA – a full refund will be given

-If your child makes AA – additional fees will be required beyond your APHA registration

 HOCKEY WINNIPEG NOTES  for the 2023-24 season

  • The A2 category for all U15-U18 divisions will be Non Body Checking.
  • U9 A Winter Hawks (WH) is a combined age category (age 7-8)
  • U9 A Polar Bears (PB) is a combined age category (age 6,7,8)
  • If your child makes U9 A1 (WH only), additional registration fees of $150 will need to be paid
  • U11 A1-A3 is a combined age category (age 9-10) WH and PB  – New this year for U11 WH teams -5 levels of play A1A, A1B, A2A, A2B, A3
  • U13 A1-A3 is a combined age category (age 11-12) WH and PB – New this year for U13 WH teams – 4 levels of play A1, A2A, A2B, A3                                                                                                                         
  • U15 A1-A2 is a combined age category (age 13-14) WH and PB – New this year for U15 WH teams – 4 levels of play A1A, A1B, A2A, A2B
  • U18 A1-A2 is a combined age category (ages 15-17) WH and PB – New this year for U18 WH teams – 4 levels A1A, A1B, A2A, A2B

APHA GENERAL NOTES for the 2023-24 hockey season (U9A and up)

  • All male teams are the Winter Hawks and female teams are the Polar Bears!
  • As an ongoing process, there will be a greater emphasis on coaching and player development that will follow Hockey Canada’s guidelines for hockey players that register to play hockey within the APHA.   A coach mentor will be assigned to the program to support and ensure that coaches are following these guidelines.  Coaching applications will be available online for the male program similar to the female program.


Welcome back to another year of hockey and great fun!  As each season starts with registration it quickly follows with player evaluations. The hockey directors from the six Assiniboine Park Hockey Association (APHA) community clubs have reviewed the evaluation process from last year and are looking to make improvements again this year.   We encourage ALL players to attend evaluations for their age group.  The attendance and participation in these sessions allows for the Team Formation Committee to strive for parity among all teams formed at all age groups.  If players do not attend evaluations, it does make the goal of even teams more challenging.

The APHA has again hired an independent group to perform the evaluations instead of volunteers. By hiring a group of dedicated and knowledgeable hockey staff, the APHA is hoping to provide consistent and fair player evaluations.


  1. For those trying out for AA Rangers (Male), you are expected to also attend the A Evaluation Skates as scheduled.

Should you have a direct conflict, please notify us and we will reschedule your session.

  • Mandatory hitting/contact clinic for all U15A players.  While only A1 plays ‘body checking’, there is incidental contact at all levels of hockey.  As players get older and stronger, we want to ensure that all players at this level have the fundamentals to give and take incidental contact and the foundation of proper body checking.

NOTES ABOUT CONFLICTS:  We understand that some APHA Evaluation sessions conflict with religious holidays and/or national holidays.  We have done our best to avoid this, however, due to the scarcity of ice, this was sometimes unavoidable.  The Team Formation Committee does have an approach in place to address situations where players need to miss a session either due to the above reasons or due to illness.  Please advise us when you receive your evaluation session times if such a conflict occurs and we will make note of it.  No player will be adversely affected for missing a session due to the above reasons.


When you register your son or daughter for hockey you do so as part of the APHA. While you may register under your home community centre, your player is playing in a regional program. After registration, but prior to evaluations, the APHA team formation committee meets to determine how many teams there will be at each age group. This decision is based on rules set by Hockey Winnipeg and by the number of children registered at each age group across the entire APHA.

Hockey Winnipeg rules require all players to be evaluated in an association-wide process at each age group. This means that all players will be pooled together from all community centres to create teams.

As you prepare your hockey players for another season, the hockey directors wish everyone the best and hope you have a positive experience during tryouts.

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