Indoor Hockey Hutch & Outdoor Rinks

Behind the Community Centre building is a second building: our Hockey Hutch with 2 outdoor rinks. The Hockey Hutch & both outdoor rinks are open to the public.  Inside the Hutch we have 4 change rooms, washrooms, and an indoor canteen.  As soon as winter weather allows, we have an iceman that will work full time for the season. In past seasons, our rinks have been up and running by mid-December.

Hockey Hutch Hours

The Hockey Hutch is now closed for the season.

Stay tuned through our Community newsletter or social media for ongoing announcements on the upcoming softball season.
If you have any questions please contact PRA at

Find Us

Phoenix Community Centre
153 Seekings Street
Headingley, MB R4J 1B1

Headingley Community Centre
5353 Portage Avenue
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